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13691119_10154337046034710_8863341064549944786_oHead Instructor Sloane Franklin is a 500 Hour Zen Wellness certified Qigong Instructor and is a Zen Wellness Certified Yang style Tai Chi instructor. He began training under Master James Rath in 2010. His training has focused on Yang & Chen styles of Taiji Quan, Qigong, Baguazhang, and Taoist & Zen yoga. He also studies Wing Chun, Xingyi Quan, straight sword, saber, cane, staff, and guandao. Instructor Sloane is currently working towards his 1000 Hour Zen Wellness certification.

Instructor Sloane studied standardized taiji forms with Sifu Chao MacAuslan. Through Zen Wellness, Sloane also trains with Master Michael Leone, Master Jason Campbell, Master Sarah Anderson, and Master Alan Venable on an ongoing basis. As a young man, Instructor Sloane studied Judo under Sensei Tim Joe.
Instructor Sloane has been practicing and studying meditation under numerous teachers since 1995. His studies have included both Western and Eastern forms of meditation and contemplative practice, including academic study at Princeton from 2001 to 2005. Sloane has been teaching meditation to private clients and in retreat settings since 2000. Sloane also incorporates several styles of meditation into his practice as a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for survivors of trauma and persons with eating disorders. Sloane’s current meditation study and practice is focused on Taoist standing meditation and seated Zen meditation. Sloane holds two masters degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary, completed jointly with Princeton University, and a Master of Social Work from Boston University.

At the studio, Head Instructor Sloane teaches Qigong/Tai Chi Foundations, Yang style tai chi, Chen style tai chi, Wudang tai chi sword, Longevity (Tao Yin, Tao Yi, bagua foundations), Masters Path, private lessons, and seminars.


_mg_7984editwebInstructor Meghan Rice-Frades is a 500 Hour Zen Wellness Certified Qigong Instructor. She began her training under Master James Rath since 2009, focusing on both Yang and Chen styles of taiji chuan, qigong, and Taoist yoga. She has continued these studies under Head Instructor Sloane, with whom she also studies the Buddha Palm set, baguazhang and straight sword.

Instructor Meghan also trains under Master Laurie Whitlark focusing on Kenpo Karate and Hung Gar Kung Fu. Through Zen Wellness she also trains with Master Michael Leone, Master Jason Campbell, Master Sarah Anderson, and Master Alan Venable on an ongoing basis. As a teenager, Meghan also studied Uechi Ryu under Sensei Michael Rozmick.

Meghan teaches classes in restorative qigong, Tao Yin, Tao Yi, and the youth martial arts curriculum at the studio. She also teaches tai chi & qigong at senior centers around southern New Hampshire.



Instructor Theresa Michaels is a 200 Hour Zen Wellness certified medical qigong instructor. She holds a red belt in Yang style tai chi and is actively working towards her black belt. She says, "When I began my training in 2014 with Master James Rath, I had no idea that these practices would make such a profound improvement to my physical and emotional well being. I continue to benefit as a student of Head Instructor Sloane in the practice of Yang style taiji (24 and 108 forms), the 42 combined form, Wudang taiji sword, Tao Yi, Tao Yin, and baguazhang."

Qigong and tai chi practice are also integrated into her long time interest in Human Ecology and physical fitness. In 1987, Instructor Theresa received a BA from College of the Atlantic in Human Ecology, the study of the connections between humans and their natural and physical environments. From 2001-2010, she was a regional champion and a national contender with USA Powerlifting, a drug free strength sport federation.

Instructor Theresa is excited to share with others what she has learned. As a teacher of restorative qigong, she seeks to foster students inherent strengths and abilities through patience, compassion, and encouragement. Instructor Theresa teaches the Chi Fit qigong curriculum at the studio.


We at Taoist Arts Center strive to bring you the very best instruction in Qi Gong, Tai Chi Chuan, Meditation, Longevity and Martial Arts practices. We are host to a number of highly-experienced and well-qualified instructors. We offer classes, consultations, private training and resources to meet all of your needs. Our caring and compassionate staff will help you realize your fitness and wellness goals in a friendly and serene environment.

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